Theology of Jim Wallis Under Scrutiny [Excerpts] |

TBC Staff

A pastor is taking exception to the idea of "economic justice" and the redistribution of wealth.

Rev. Jim Wallis, who serves as the president of Sojourners and spiritual advisor to Barack Obama, told that even though greed is a major factor in the economic collapse, many of the nation's pastors operate like politicians -- afraid to alienate their wealthy donors.

But High Impact Leadership Coalition (HILC) chairman Bishop Harry Jackson, who was also featured in the article, does not agree.

"[Wallis'] ideology is not Christian," he contends. "It is something else, and it's being veiled and presented as though -- wow, here's a really Christian approach!" But he says it is actually a carnal, secular approach.

"It is, in fact, what Paul would call the doctrine of devils [1 Timothy:4:1]," he cites. "Paul said very clearly in the last days there would come all these so-called 'biblical doctrines' that sound good on the surface, but they've been engineered in the councils of Hell to try to deter God's people from keeping with God's Word."

Jackson does not believe the church itself has proven it has a greed problem, as he points to the foreign missions field being awash with money because of the believers' generosity.

"Instead of saying, 'You're greedy. Hold on to your money,' we then begin to preach that your money doesn't belong to you," he suggests. "It is, in fact, your opportunity to steward what God has given you."

(Chris Woodward, "Greedy church a 'doctrine of devils'?", OneNewsNow, 10/14/2011).