Theory driven behavior |

TBC Staff

Some of the greatest evil seen has been perpetrated by those who have adopted an evolutionary approach to morality—Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot.  Atheistic evolutionist Sir Arthur Keith acknowledged of Hitler:

‘The German Führer … has consistently sought to make the practice of Germany conform to the theory of evolution.’

Many millions have suffered terribly and lost their lives because of this atheistic way of thinking.  Atheism kills, because without God there are no rules—anything goes!  Atheists are at the forefront of efforts to legitimize abortion, euthanasia, drug-taking, prostitution, pornography and promiscuity.  All these things cause misery, suffering and death.  Atheism is the philosophy of death.

Now atheists love to point to atrocities committed by supposed ‘Christians’—the Crusades and Northern Ireland are favorites.  If the people committing these terrible deeds were indeed Christians, they were/are being inconsistent with their own standard of morality (e.g., ‘do not murder,’ ‘love your enemies’).  However, Stalin, for example, was being consistent with his, because, being an atheist (after reading Darwin), he had no objective basis for any standard of morality.  Keith (above) admitted that Hitler was also consistent with his evolutionary philosophy.

A Supreme Creator who gave Law provides a solid foundation for morality and meaning whereas evolution-made-everything provides no such basis.

Christianity says ‘God is love,’ ‘love one another’ and ‘love your enemies.’  Such love is self-sacrificing.   Consequently, Christians have been at the forefront in helping the sick, looking after the orphaned and the aged, feeding the hungry, educating the poor, and opposing exploitation through such things as child labor and slavery.  

Atheism, with its evolutionary rationale, says ‘love’ is nothing more than self-interest in increasing the chances of our genes surviving in our offspring or our close relatives.  In the ‘struggle for survival of the fittest,’ where is the basis for compassion?  Hitler’s death camps grew out of his desire for the ‘Aryan race’ to win the battle for ‘the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life.’2

However, not only is atheism destructive, it is logically flawed at its very roots because there must be a Creator, as we shall see.

Biblical evidence for the existence of a divine author

The Bible, as well as proclaiming the existence of God, also bears witness that God exists, because only divine inspiration can explain the existence of this most remarkable of books.  The characteristics that point to divine authorship are:3

The Bible’s amazing unity. Despite being penned by more than 40 authors from over 19 different walks of life over some 1,600 years, the Bible is a consistent revelation from the beginning to the end.  Indeed the first and last books of the Bible, Genesis and Revelation, dovetail so perfectly—telling of ‘Paradise Lost’ and ‘Paradise Regained’ respectively—that they speak powerfully of their divine authorship (compare for example Genesis 1–3 and Revelation 21–22).

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