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TBC Staff

“[The present] popularity with meditative mysticism presents a very new and perplexing challenge for evangelical Christianity. We are beginning to encounter the ‘New Age Christian’ ...someone who remains in his or her home church and professes the Christian faith but has also incorporated various aspects of the New Age worldview into his or her life.... What has fueled the momentum of this trend is the buffet dining approach that has marked American religious sensibilities in the last twenty years--you take what you want and leave the rest. Americans are picking and blending religions as if they were ordering espressos: pick your espresso blend, but you still get coffee--pick your spiritual path, but you still get God. Whatever suits your spiritual tastes, you bring together. The result is hybrid New Age spirituality.... 

Contrary to this New Age belief of good and evil merging and man or any part of creation becoming “like the Most High” Man and God can only be brought together through the Cross.... The Bible says the message of the Cross is the power of God (1 Cor. 1:18), and while there are two opposing spiritual realms, God has always and will always prevail. Satan can never thwart God’s ultimate purposes. And yet, today’s Western society is enticed by practical mystics who deny, by their own proclamations, God’s plan of eternal salvation. Will the majority of people come to believe that all is one and there is no good and evil distinction? Such a plan now exists and will shape future events--events that will alter the course on which millions will advance.”

--Ray Yungen, “A Time of Departing: How a Universal Spirituality is Changing the Face of Christianity”, pp. 99-102[TBC Resource #B01206, $11.00]