From Time Immorial 1 |

TBC Staff

...while I was examining United Nations data from 1948 onward, a seeming casual alteration of the definition of what constitutes an Arab “refugee” from Israel caught my attention.... In other cases the more or less universally used description of eligibility included those people who were forced to leave “permanent” or “habitual” homes. In the case of the Arab refugees, however, the definition had been broadened to include as “refugees” any persons who had been in “Palestine” for only two years before Israel’s statehood in 1948.

...what the altered “two-years-presence” definition of an “Arab refugee” implied was a direct contradiction of assumed historical factors that are the very foundation of the current Arab claim of “legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to their homeland for a thousand” or “two thousand years.”

     From Time Immorial,  Joan Peters, JKAP Publications, 1984, p 4, 5