Time Wounds All Heels | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

 The late Bill Cetnar, a former Jehovah's Witness...would repeatedly declare: "Time is the enemy of a false prophet!"

Indeed, time is the enemy of every false teacher and false prophet, not just those from Brooklyn, Salt Lake City, or Orlando.

A letter recently came from a gentleman in the northwestern United States. He wrote regarding the doctrine and practice of Benny Hinn. He objected that some of the criticisms of the controversial faith healer were from Hinn's materials that were a decade old or older. He did not grasp the pertinent issues.

Yes, there is no denying the fact that we use numerous citations from Hinn that date to the 1980s and even earlier. We also report current issues with Hinn.

However, the age of the material in no way invalidates the material itself. In fact, Hinn's older materials (testimony and teaching tapes, books, television broadcasts, etc.) often contradict his newer material. They are the very things that expose his ingrained propensity to lie and con. These older materials are invaluable in documenting and exposing the false teachings, testimony, and prophetic utterances of Hinn. His false prophecies are becoming legendary. The constant correcting, excusing, denying, then every so often facing up to the facts are the very things which make the strongest case against Hinn and show him to be no better than the main line cult revisionists. He often resorts to: "I will try to do better next time." How can one do better when it was supposedly God, through Hinn, revealing, directing, and speaking in the first place? It is ludicrous.