Today's Youth--Walking Away From Truth |

TBC Staff

Today’s Youth—Walking Away from Truth [Excerpts]

Why do young people walk away from the church after years of faithful attendance and involvement? The main reason may be that the curriculum used in most Sunday schools is simply telling Bible stories and not teaching how to defend the truths of Scripture.

A leader in his youth group, Andrew faithfully attended Sunday school every week. He was awarded a scholarship at a well-known university, but by the end of his first year in college, Andrew had renounced his faith.

Sadly, Andrew’s heartbreaking story is not unique. It is repeated in thousands of Christian homes every year.

In August 2006, Answers in Genesis–USA commissioned Britt Beemer from America’s Research Group1 to find out why young people were leaving the church.2 Respondents indicated that Sunday school materials were shallow and “irrelevant.”3 Of those polled, 86% had begun to question the Bible by their high school years.

Of those who said they did not believe all the accounts in the Bible are true, 82% cited doubts about the Bible’s authority or its trustworthiness. What caused these people to doubt the Bible?

Where Have We Gone Wrong?

Basically, we have failed to teach our children to think biblically. In order to survive as believers in our culture, we must all recognize that God rules and speaks about every area of life (e.g., science, philosophy, ethics, history, government, sociology, and education), and not merely about an isolated area designated “religion.”