Train them up in the ways of rebellion? Not what the Bible says |

TBC Staff

After two years of holding "virtual" camps, Antifa is setting up an in-person camp in Portland, Oregon, where 9- to 13-year-olds can learn how to be anarchists.

If you live in the Great Northwest and are unsure what to do with your children for the rest of the summer, an Antifa-infected summer camp offers an invitation to consider. "Budding Roses" purports it strives to provide "a free, safe and empowering space" for young people to "learn, express themselves, and engage critically with the social justice issues that impact them."

A short delve into the online curriculum reveals, among other things, that campers will learn the latest profanity-laced chants suitable for participating in protests; imagine what "safety" would look and feel like without police; get instructions on what to do if they come in contact with tear gas; have the opportunity to practice their artistic skills with the "Black Lives Matter Coloring Book," which also includes a "transgender affirming" coloring sheet; and watch a series of videos explaining such terms as "white supremacy," "intersectionality," and "systemic racism.”

Previous reports on the summer camp have noted that left-leaning churches in Portland have made their facilities available for use, and that city parks and taxpayer money have been used for previous in-person camps.