Trans Indoctrination in the Schools? |

TBC Staff

Every morning brings some new online story of sexual insanity.

In Britain, a man undergoing a hysterectomy and metoidioplasty, an operation giving him a penis, had his vagina removed without his consent. The two doctors treating him were temporarily suspended for this operation.

On this same morning I read of a new law proposedin the California Assembly requiring retail stores to display toys in gender-neutral zones, banning the separation of toys for boys and girls. Barbie and G.I.Joe must stand side by side.

Finally, New Jersey has introduced into its public schools a new curriculum promotingLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender subject matter. Promoted by Garden State Equality (GSE), this new curriculum will be taught in all classes beginning in fifth grade. All three headlines popped up on a single morning.

The article regarding California made me laugh. As writer Chrissy Clark points out, California has multiple problems ranging from homelessness and drug abuse to high taxes and debt, but the Assembly is wasting time on gender and toys? Much of my laughter derived from an image in my head of some Assembly members gathered around a table in a small room trying to cook up one more way to rule the Great Unwashed. “I know,” one of them says. “My son and I were at the store the other day, and he wanted to buy a LuvaBella Baby Dolly, but he got embarrassed shopping in the girls’ aisle. Isn’t that discrimination or something?”

Then there is New Jersey across-the-curriculum sexuality program. As writer John Hanna tells us, “GSE envisions its curriculum as ‘model that we can bring to every other state in the nation.’”

Not so many years ago, the gay community asked for tolerance and worked to pass laws to bring about that request. Then came demands for acceptance, which is an entirely different creature. Now comes the next step: the indoctrination of children and teenagers.

A number of grassroots organizations have risen up to oppose such laws and curriculum. John Hanna makes three important objections regarding the latter:

“It denies reality and invites irrationality.” If a man can become a woman by calling himself a woman, then what is a woman?

“It imposes its will on children’s bodies.” GSE would dictate that even parents should be forced to step aside if a child wants to take puberty blockers or to undergo surgery to become transgender.

“It is a totalizing and intolerant ideology.” GSE makes no secret that those opposed to its agenda are “haters” and “bigots.” It expects everyone to adopt its special vocabulary. Instituting this compulsory education into the schools, Hanna writes, “effectively establishes such ideology as state religion.”

Toleration can be a virtue. To demand acceptance and then add indoctrination are vices.