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TBC Staff

Manjui Couple Becomes Missionaries [Excerpts]

A small clan of Manjuis in Paraguay, who reside in a village consisting of two tribes, is eager to hear God's Word in their own language.

"When are one of you … going to come teach us God's Words?" a Manjui man asked a distant relative, Zitiila, from a neighboring clan. "We can hear the Bible taught in Nivacle but it misses us."

Zitiila returned home and shared the words of her relative with her husband, Isnei. "He became burdened to be the one to teach this group of Manjuis God's Story," missionaries Jamie and Char Hunt wrote. "He was equally burdened to lead his church by his example in outreach."

With the missionary team supporting Isnei's desire to bring God's teaching to his neighbors, he and his wife prepared themselves and their family to begin their new ministry.

Not everyone was supportive of Isnei and Zitiila. Some Manjuis in their community thought they had other motives. Zitiila's sister pressured her not to go.

"Can I be the one who stops my husband from doing this work when it is God himself who has given him this work?" Zitiila responded.

The church stood by the couple and Isnei, Zitiila and church leaders made a pre-entry trip to the village.

"Each leader from the church gave clear testimony to the villagers that it was the church sending Isnei and Zitiila," Jamie and Char wrote. "Their purpose in sending the couple was also made abundantly clear -- to communicate clearly the truth of the Gospel in their language."