Two lines seem to be converging |

TBC Staff - EN

Two lines seem to be converging. One represents the various “Christian” groups. As these lose their Biblical distinctives and evolve to sort of a Unitarian universalism, they veer to the left. The other line represents the great ethnic religions: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. As these purge themselves of their more objectionably carnal aspects and emerge clothed in a philosophical monism or universalism, they veer to the right. Eventually the two will meet in a glorified religious group.

? Dr. Francis Steel (Professor at Princeton, Missionary with North Africa Mission. From Encyclopedia of Illustrations #14697).

[TBC: In 1990, Dave Hunt warned that at the Universities of Calcutta and New Delhi during his 1986 visit to India, Pope John Paul II told huge Hindu audiences, "India's mission . . . is crucial, because of her intuition of the spiritual nature of man. Indeed, India's greatest contribution to the world can be to offer it a spiritual vision of man. And the world does well to attend willingly to this ancient wisdom and in it to find enrichment for human living."

John:14:5b-6: "...How can we know the way? Jesus saith…I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."]