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TBC Staff

UN Votes to Recognize Palestine as Sovereign Nation

The United Nations General Assembly on (November 29, 2012) voted overwhelmingly in favor of recognizing a new sovereign nation that has never before existed in the annals of history: Palestine.

The motion is largely symbolic, as General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding. However, that symbolism is enough to change the face of the Middle East conflict, and those involved knew full well what they were doing – trying to make the event resemble as closely as possible a similar vote 65 years ago that brought about the establishment of the State of Israel.

Most importantly in the short term is the fact that “Palestine” can now obtain membership in the International Criminal Court where it is certain to file regular lawsuits against Israel. The new status will also complicate Israel’s ability to act against terrorism emanating from Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip.

Many in Palestinian areas said that political activists were the only ones who joined in celebrating after the UN vote last week, because the bulk of the public will not be happy until “Palestine” replaces Israel on the map.

“We don’t want the '67 borders,” a Palestinian university student told the Times of Israel. “We want all of Palestine.”

Others said that as long as last week’s UN move “annoyed the Jews, it was a positive step toward one day taking all of the land.”

Despite all of this, Ron Prosor declared at the UN last week that “nothing can negate the Jewish people’s 4,000-year-old bond with its ancestral and biblical homeland.”