The Unsolvable Saying |

TBC Staff

The Unsolvable Saying [Excerpts]

MADHYA PRADESH (ANS) -- Going home for Christmas break from his Bible college was a big decision for Prasad. His whole family had turned against him when he received Christ. They tried to force him to deny his new faith, and when he refused, they kicked him out of the family. But Prasad stood firm in his faith, and even went one step further. He decided to go to Bible college to become equipped for ministry himself.

Prasad now hoped to share the love of Christ in his village while he was home on his first Christmas break. Knowing he was coming, the villagers planned a meeting to pressure him into denying Christ. On the given day, about 700 people gathered with plans to beat him, and excommunicate him and his family from the village if he refused to turn his back on Christ.

“Why did you leave your gods and goddesses?” someone asked him. They demanded his answer, and further demanded that he bow before their holy book, Ramayana, which they believe is a physical representation of one of their gods.

Prasad boldly refused their demands, which filled them with anger. Even in the highly hostile environment, Prasad was bold enough to confront the crowd with a question.

In the Ramayana, there is a saying, “Those who know three letters of love are wise.” Prasad asked the people if they knew what the three letters were. When no one answered, he told them.

In the Hindi language, truth is spelled with three letters. Prasad answered by repeating the Hindi word, and went on to explain from the Bible that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He then shared how that truth would set them free; that Jesus alone can save, and He would never leave them.

The crowd listened in astonishment and gratefulness. Instead of carrying out their plans, they asked him to share more about Jesus during his school break.