US Military to Embrace Eastern Religion |

TBC Staff - EN

U.S. military ready to embrace eastern religion? [Excerpts]

While Bible-based Christianity is increasingly under attack in the U.S. military, at least one branch of America's armed forces appears ready to embrace eastern religion practices.

The U.S. Marine Corps is studying how to make its troops even tougher through meditative practices, yoga-type stretching and exercises based on mindfulness.

The School Infantry-West at Camp Pendleton will offer the eight-week course starting Tuesday to about 80 Marines as part of an ongoing experiment.

Marine Corps officials say they will build a curriculum that would integrate mindfulness-based techniques into their training if they see positive results. Mindfulness is a Buddhist-inspired concept that emphasizes active attention on the moment to keep the mind in the present.

Facing a record suicide rate and thousands of veterans seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress, the military has been searching for ways to reduce strains on service members burdened with more than a decade of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The openness to teaching these eastern religion techniques is in stark contrast to the attacks against biblical principles and prayer that has been seen in the military in recent years.

Since taking office, President Barack Obama has openly endorsed homosexual "marriage" and removed any restrictions against homosexuals in the military.

At the same time, things such as Christian prayers before meals have been the subject of court challenges.

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