'USA You'll Pay!' UK Muslims Chant Allahu Akbar in 2nd March in 3 Days to Demand Caliphate | thebereancall.org

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Huge crowds of Muslims chanting Allahu Akbar descended on London for the second time in a week in a series of protests to demand an Islamic caliphate in Syria.

[On December 14, 2016,] more than 1,000 protestors gathered outside the Syrian embassy in London’s Belgrave Square calling for America to be punished over Aleppo.
While one protester appeared to be waving a Taliban flag, others were seen handed placards made by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, which calls for the reestablishment of a caliphate.

Then just days later another 400 British Muslims travelled to the capital from cities including Birmingham and Bradford to take part in a second march on Belgrave Square.

The segregated crowd saw women and children forced to stand at the back while men were pushed to the front.

Speakers again railed against the US, blaming the country for the situation in Syria, before leading the crowd in chants calling for the re-establishment of a caliphate in Syria.

Many protestors gathered behind a huge orange banner which told “Muslim armies” to help set up a new “khalifah rashidah” - the first four Caliphs to succeed the prophet Mohammed - in greater Syria.

Others thrust decorated banners in the air and black flags adorned with Arabic writing, as they chanted Allah Akbar or ‘God is the greatest’.

A poster created by the group claims the protest was held in support for Aleppo, and read: “The world is watching in horror, the destruction of Aleppo."

“Tens of thousands of Muslim men, women and children are at the mercy of the blood thirsty Syrian regime and its allies.

“Silence from the Muslim brothers is deafening."

(Oliphant, "'USA you'll pay!' UK Muslims chant Allahu Akbar in 2nd march in 3 days to demand Caliphate," [London] Daily Express Online, 12/19/16)

[TBC: Though they are focusing on Assad's bloody actions in Aleppo, the "Muslim brothers" are indeed silent about the death and destruction Islam has brought to so many areas of the world.]