Victims |

TBC Staff

Dr. Tana Dineen, a licensed psychologist, has abandoned her clinical practice and written a book titled Manufacturing Victims: What the Psychology Industry is Doing to People. Her book is the result of her extensive knowledge of the research in psycho-therapy as well as her own practical experience in the field.
She says, "Over ten million Americans seek the services of the Psychology Industry each year." In documenting the growth of psychotherapy, Dineen says:
In the early 1960's, 14% of the U.S. population (25 million of a total 180 million) had ever received psychological services. By 1976, that number had risen to 26%. However by 1990, at least 33% (65 million of 250 million) have been psychological users at some point in their lives and in 1995, the American Psychological Association stated that 46% of the U.S. population (128 million) had seen a mental health professional. Some even predict that by the year 2000 users will be the majority -- constituting 80% of the population.
Dineen's main thesis for which she provides extensive support is this:
With degrees in psychology, medicine, social work, nursing or with no academic qualifications at all, the expanding work force of the Psychology Industry relies for its survival and growth on its ability to manufacture victims.
Dineen relates in detail how the psychological manufacturing of victims takes place. She differentiates between real victims and the ones manufactured by the Psychology Industry, which involves a blurring between the two and spreads a net to include virtually everyone. She concludes her book by saying:
The Psychology Industry can neither reform itself from within nor should it be allowed to try. It should be stopped from doing what it is doing to people, from manufacturing victims. And while the Psychology Industry is being dismantled, people can boycott psychological treatment, protest the influence of the Psychology Industry and resist being manufactured into victims (