Visions of Mary |

TBC Staff

Other images of Mary or Jesus which have popped up in the world.

Virgin Mary grilled cheese

Diana Duyser, of Hollywood, Fla., made a grilled cheese sandwich in the fall of 1994. Duyser said she took one bite when she noticed "the Virgin Mary staring back at me." She preserved the sandwich in a plastic case until 2004 when she auctioned it off on eBay to for $28,000.

Jesus fish stick

Fred Whan, of Kingston, Ontario, said he was making fish sticks when he noticed a resemblance to Jesus Christ in one of the burned sticks. Whan said he kept the fish stick in his freezer for about a year and decided to go public with it after hearing of the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich in 2004.

Baby Jesus popcorn

A piece of popcorn witnesses say was shaped like the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus was auctioned on eBay in November 2004. "It is just a beautiful piece of natural sculpture ... with authentic intricate details, especially in such a small popped seed of popcorn," the unidentified seller wrote. Bidding started at $250.

The nun bun

Hundreds of people trekked to a small Nashville coffee shop in 1996 to view a cinnamon bun with a "miraculous" likeness of legendary Roman Catholic missionary Mother Teresa.

Beach cliff vision

Thousands of visitors were drawn to a beach in Australia in 2003 after witnesses said they saw the Virgin Mary atop a fence near a beach cliff.

Virgin window dew

Witnesses said they saw a silhouette of the Virgin Mary in a Boston-area hospital window in 2003. The hospital covered the image to avoid disruption by thousands of visitors, though church officials said the image was nothing more than condensation.

(Malika Bilal, "RedEye," April 19, 2005).