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TBC Staff

Muslims Using 2006 Vote to Gear Up for 2008 [Excerpts]
Saadia Chaudhury . . . . is excited to vote. "I don't even know" who the candidates are in her Maryland district, she says with a slightly embarrassed laugh. "I just know I'm voting for Democrats." Muslim American voters, angered by policies they say abuse their civil rights at home and kill and injure Muslims abroad, are expected to turn out in unusually high numbers this year, throwing their support [to] overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates. While it is unclear if Muslim voters have the numbers to tip any tight elections, many believe they have achieved new levels of political organization and electoral enthusiasm -- and hope to send a signal of their strength in 2008, when the White House is again in play.
(Religious News Service Newsletter, 11/2/06)
[TBC: Civil rights are only an issue to Muslims when they are in a non-Muslim nation (see: Finally, it is instructive to consider why Muslims consider Democratic candidates more desirable in this election. They say that the issue is their rights, but from history we know it's our freedom.]