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More than a history lesson: Watchdog group documenting Islamic propaganda [Excerpts]

A national security watchdog says the purpose of a controversial public school textbook used in Florida is to brainwash students with pro-Islamist propaganda. 

Dr. William Saxton, chairman of Florida-based Citizens for National Security, claims there is a “concerted effort” to get into the “hearts and minds of our kids.”

The world history textbook used in Brevard Public Schools (World History, published by Pearson Prentice Hall) has drawn national attention and lots of scrutiny, since there is a 36-page chapter devoted to Islam but no chapters devoted to Judaism or Christianity.

The other two world religions are mentioned but not given the attention and space devoted to Islam, critics point out.

A follow-up report  by Todd Starnes at Fox News states the school district is defending the book’s usage, partly because other religions are discussed in other grades.

Saxton says Shabbir Mansuri of the Institute on Religious and Civic Values is behind efforts to get this Islamic propaganda into schools.

Mansuri, who is listed as a consultant on the textbook, has been quoted as saying he is manning a “bloodless revolution” to spread information about Islam

This latest controversy is not new in Florida. The website at Citizens for National Security is heavily devoted to the topic, including a report of the ongoing textbook issue in Florida; a 10-minute instructional video devoted to the topic; and a “Teacher’s Guide” to correcting “Islamic bias.”

Saxton calls the Islamic-biased textbooks a “national issue” that’s been ongoing for some time.

“But it hasn’t really gotten a lot of media attention and a lot of traction amongst parents and grandparents of the kids, whose hearts and minds are being invaded by Islamists,” he says.