The Ways of God's Providence |

TBC Staff

The ways of God's providence direct us into the calling and employment that is ordered for us in this world.To have an honest, lawful employment in which you do not dishonour God is no small mercy.If it is suited also to your genius and strength, this is a double mercy.If you have less toil than others and more time for heavenly exercises, ascribe this benefit to the special care of providence for you.How strangely are things wheeled about by providence!David followed the sheep and likely never raised his thoughts to higher things, but God made him the royal shepherd.Some have work, but not enough strength.Others have strength, but no employment.If God blesses your labour and gives you and yours necessary support and comfort in the world, it is a choice providence and should be acknowledged with all thankfulness.If you find yourself scarcely able to provide for the necessities of life, consider: though you have a small portion of the world, if you are godly, he has promised never to forsake you (Heb:13:5).Providence has ordered the condition that is really best for your eternal good.If you had more of the world you might not be able to mnage it to your advantage.We are directed to be content with food and clothing, and the little that the righteous has is better than the riches of many wicked (Psa:37:16).If providence has so disposed you that you cannot only eat your own bread but have enough for works of mercy upon others, and all this is brought to pass in a way you did not expect, let God be honoured in this providence.Remember that the success of your callings and earthly employments is by divine blessing and not human diligence alone.Be well satisfied in the station and employment where you have been placed.God is wise and seeks your eternal good.

John Flavel, Works, IV:387-391