The Ways of the World |

TBC Staff

With the rise of professional therapists during the past fifty years, pastors became convinced that they were not qualified to counsel the sheep. And, if the pastors, trained in the Word of God, were not qualified, how could the sheep themselves minister to the soul needs of one another? However, they faced a great dilemma, because most psychotherapists (psychological counselors) during the middle of the twentieth century were not Christians. Therefore, rather than looking to the Bible for answers, they decided that Christians should be trained in psychology so that they could minister to other Christians. Rather than solving the problem, however, they intensified it, because Christians taking these psychology courses were being trained in the ways of the world rather than in the Word of God. These therapies could only develop the flesh or the “old man.” They were designed by unbelievers who had no real understanding of the difference between the flesh and the spirit, between the old man and the new man. Therefore all of these psychological systems of counseling were designed to fix or empower the very flesh that the Bible tells us to put off (Eph:4:22).

     Martin & Deidre Bobgan Christ-Centered Ministry versus Problem-Centered Counseling p. 23