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TBC Staff

[TBC: After making this unbiblical statement, Passion Translation author Brian Simmons goes on to say much more:]

“We are the Word made flesh again. We are the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ.”

“Christ is no longer a man. He’s a people. You and I carry like Mary. We will bring forth the Christ. The Second Coming is the Becoming of the Lord.”

“As Christ comes forth and emerges on the earth in a corporate expression, there will be a people who become the feet. The beautiful feet. … They will be untouched by sin, darkness, even death.”

“Stop being in love with your tradition, opinion and understanding of the Bible that’s so shallow, and so, like, feeble, and we barely make it in our lives because we don’t have that rich treasure yet.”

From the teaching of Brian Simmons [on Youtube]:

Simmons claims Christ came to him and gave him the task of issuing forth The Passion Translation. Simmons is a New Apostolic Reformation leader, and The Passion Translation serves many as an NAR “Bible.”

Please note that the Latter Rain heresy of a coming group of saints who do not sin and cannot die is included in this video teaching.

Simmons has changed the meaning of Antichrist, and claims the seals, trumpets, and bowls in Revelation are…people.

The video is only 16 minutes long, and the video has been transcribed, with some statements given emphasis.

[Here are a few examples.] Beginning of video:

He’s within us. The Revelation 12 Virgin Bride will give birth to a Man-Child company, a corporate expression, one has become the many, the seed has now fallen into the ground and died but is now bearing many seeds, there’s a many seeded Christ. 

1 min 10 seconds– There’s a coming glory. If you look at antichrist, the devil, you look at judgement, you know, bowls, trumpets, and uh let’s see, seals, trumpets and bowls, all three of those–I don’t know how far to go with you guys–all three of them refer to people. You’re sealed with the Holy Spirit, I could show you the seven seals from the New Testament. Seven times it says you’re sealed.

1 min 36 seconds– The sealed book is you. He’s the Word, the volume of the book it is written of Him. We express the Word. WE ARE THE WORD MADE FLESH AGAIN. WE ARE THE REINCARNATION OF JESUS CHRIST. The corporate expression.

2 min 10 seconds– And a bowl, isn’t that what we are? We are jars of clay, we are vessels. We are vessels of honor before him. It’s interesting, when Jericho was under a curse, Elisha said get a bowl. Get a bowl full of salt. Right. Jesus said, you are the salt of the earth. And take a bowlful of salt and go to the headwaters  of the river of the waters of Jericho that are undrinkable and put a bowl full of salt into the water and it’ll be drinkable again. We break the curse off our cities, the expression of Christ in us. The salt bearing company.

4 min 3 seconds– Don’t look now, but I found the antichrist. Deal with it. Get him out. Stop being in love with your tradition, opinion and understanding of the Bible that’s so shallow, and so, like, feeble, and we barely make it in our lives because we don’t have that rich treasure yet. We’ve not unlocked the deepest places of spirit life [indecipherable]. Where we bring healing because of a touch or a word that speaks and life comes forth.

4 min 31 seconds– We’re the seed of Christ, the 42nd generation, we complete the geneology of Jesus. CHRIST IS NO LONGER A MAN, HE’S A PEOPLE. YOU AND I CARRY LIKE MARY. WE WILL BRING FORTH THE CHRIST. THE SECOND COMING IS THE BECOMING OF THE LORD. The Father loves the Son so much, he is going to fill the earth with people just like Him.


[TBC: As seen, Simmons’ unbiblical statements about Christ and the Scriptures are rapidly getting worse. With no anchor in Scripture, these professed “revelations” stand in clear contrast to 2 Peter:1:20-21.

20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.]