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It was a weekend of coincidences: acts declared not to be terrorism that just happened to look a great deal like…terrorism.

After a bomb went off at 23rd Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan and another bomb was found four blocks away, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said: In a press conference in the aftermath, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio said, “This was an intentional act.” However, he added that he didn’t think it was terrorism, and refused to agree with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who said that the bombing was “obviously an act of terrorism.”

De Blasio’s position was entirely incoherent: what is an intentional bombing if it isn’t terrorism? Cuomo made a bit more sense as he explained that while it was obviously terrorism, “it’s not linked to international terrorism. In other words, we’ve found no ISIS connection.”

And now – what a coincidence! – this Tumblr page appeared just as it was revealed that a note in Arabic was left with one of the New York bombs, and witnesses said that a man who appeared to be an Arab and carrying a suitcase was seen just before the explosion.

The coincidences multiplied. The second bomb was fashioned from a pressure cooker, the same kind of bombs used in the Boston Marathon jihad massacre in 2013, and for which assembly directions have been published in an al-Qaeda magazine. But there is no indication that this was terrorism, says de Blasio! It’s all just coincidence!

In Minnesota came more coincidences. A Muslim named Dahir A. Adan, making “references to Allah,” according to news reports, and asking at least one of his potential victims if he was a Muslim, stabbed eight people at the Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. An FBI official said that the bureau was investigating this as a “possible act of terrorism.”

“Possible”? Apparently the FBI was leaving open the possibility that Adan’s “references to Allah” and asking if someone was Muslim was just a coincidence. We have seen that before: in Mali, Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” took hostages, freeing those who could recite the Qur’an.

Coincidentally also, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for both the New York and Minnesota attacks. And no doubt it was still another coincidence that on the same Saturday, someone attacked a police officer with a machete in a mall in Calgary, Alberta.

The coincidences are coming thick and fast, and the Islamic State is claiming victories, while authorities scratch their heads and wonder whether or not this is or that attack is terrorism.

The evidence that it is, and jihad terrorism at that, is piling up in New York, and is abundantly clear in Minnesota already. It is time to stop counting coincidences and to start calling what is happening by its right name.

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