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By Rob James in Cardiff | posted 12/13/2004 | Christianity Today

The Cardiff City Council cancelled a civic reception for internationally renowned evangelist Luis Palau because of his "extreme evangelical beliefs."

The cancellation was prompted by Welsh Assembly Government Member Lorraine Barrett's attack on Palau for his stance on homosexuality and other religions. "To fund such an event for a figure who holds extreme views on sensitive social issues is, in my opinion, a terrible way of spending public money," Barrett said. "I am very concerned at some of the views espoused by Mr. Palau, which are very narrow and critical of anyone who does not follow his evangelical beliefs. I think he is a right-wing reactionary individual. I also think it is dodgy mixing religion and politics in this way. I think he and people like Billy Graham exploit vulnerable people.

Palau, who was in Cardiff for the Welsh Revival Centenary Celebrations, expressed deep disappointment with the decision, and said an unknown person spread misinformation about his beliefs. He also criticized a growing attitude in Britain and Europe that suggests anyone who believes in Jesus must be "intellectually moronic or extremist."

The "South Wales Echo" reported October 20:

Controversial American preacher Luis Palau should not have been turned away from Cardiff because of his "anti-gay" views.

That's the overwhelming reaction of Echo readers to Cardiff council's decision to withdraw a civic reception which Mr Palau was due to attend...

As revealed in yesterday's Echo, Lord Mayor Jacqui Gasson has also pulled out of a dinner organised as part of "04 the City," a Christian celebration to mark the centenary of the Welsh religious festival.

She said: "I am not prepared to host an event for this man. It would go completely against the views of the council."

But readers believe Mr Palau who, on his website, tells the story of Kenneth, who "practiced homosexuality...in rebellion against God," should have been welcomed to the Welsh capital.

Reader James Jamieson, of Duffryn Road, Cyncoed, Cardiff, said: "Dr Palau is not anti-gay and, like many other Christians, his only passion is for the well-being of people, both physical and spiritual."

"He brings love and hope to people, and for comments to be taken out of context and made to infer he is against homosexuals is misrepresenting what he stands for."

[TBC: It is a sad irony that the beliefs of the original participants of the very revival that is being commemorated would also be viewed as "extremist" today by the largely liberal, neo-pagan politicians and media. But this should come as no surprise to us, as the Scriptures declare: "Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake" (Matthew:24:9).]