Western Elites Still Clueless About Jihadist Attacks | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

As soon as I heard that a man had stabbed three women to death and wounded seven others in the Bavarian town of Würzburg on June 25, I was near-certain of three key facts of the case: that the attacker was a Muslim, that the powers-that-be would claim to be mystified as to his motives, and that Islam would not be considered as one of them.

It gives me no pleasure to report that I was right on all three counts. Prominent Western leaders and their media cohorts are loath a priori to accept that religious faith is a significant moving spirit in human affairs. Having reduced the Bible and Shakespeare to “narratives” and “metaphors” which merely reflect prejudices of the horrid world of the white patriarchy, the elite class duly treats the jihadist mindset as a curable idiosyncrasy.

The Würzburg attacker, a 24-year-old Somali who came to Germany with more than a million other Muslim migrants during the 2015 migrant tsunami, shouted “Allahu akbar!” as he went on his murderous rampage. And yet the Western media machine wonders what made him do it. “German Knife Attack Motive a Mystery” was the headline repeated in one form or another all over the Western world. A police spokesman claimed that “while the attacker had a criminal record, none of his previous offences were related to terrorism.”

The standard media narrative soon emerged: while the police remained puzzled over the motive, two incidents of the Würzburg attacker’s violent behavior earlier this year supposedly indicate he was mentally ill. Although the attacker had threatened violence in two separate incidents in recent months, including brandishing a knife in the first, prosecutors absurdly declared that “there had been no pattern of increasing problems.” The narrative of “mental illness” is still dominant. The case is in the hands of state prosecutors, not the federal ones who deal with terror cases in Germany.

We have seen it all many times before. Recognizing the undeniable causation between Islam, mass Muslim immigration into Western countries, and terrorist attacks in those countries was forbidden then and it remains forbidden today. To wit, Germany’s deputy finance minister Jens Spahn, told Die Welt after the 2016 attacks, that “we all underestimated… what would come upon us with this big refugee and migration movement.” He did not name the “we”: plainly he excluded those of us who had been forecasting precisely and accurately the consequences of the 2015 migrant onslaught even as it was merely gathering steam.

The neo-Bolshevik mindset of our leaders guarantees the problem of jihad-terrorism in the Western world cannot and will not be solved. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union likewise used to devote a lot of attention to the problem of an inefficient and wasteful economy. Economists, politicians, and managers had tried to square the circle of the principles of command economy, with its central planning, procurement quotas, and state-fixed prices, with the need to motivate producers and to allocate resources more efficiently. The notion that state planning should be abolished, the means of production privatized, and the price of goods and services determined by the market, never entered into the official equation. The problem could not be solved because the solution remained outside the ideological parameters of the decision-makers.

The Western elite class suffers from the same problem….The members of that class seek to appease and co-opt Muslim immigrants into the project: first as the means of destroying targeted communities, and then as an ingredient in the new, postmodern mélange.

The resulting populace will not possess any clear cultural identity or group coherence other than the embrace of multiculturalism, antidiscrimination, and all other elements of woke dogma. They do not realize, however, that the inassimilable Muslim multitudes pouring into Europe and North America from the greater Middle East, Africa, and the Indian Sub-Continent do not want to be some pliant tools in the making of the post-national liberal Utopia.

Being untouched by the self-loathing of the Western elite class, firm in their beliefs, contemptuous of their hosts, Muslim immigrants have no incentive to accept the Western liberal creed. Two decades after 9-11 they have seen ample evidence of our rulers’ lack of rational reasoning and moral fiber. After the June 25 Würzburg attacks they have additional reason to believe that one day they will supplant the enfeebled natives and take over their candy store with its busted lock.