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When Bad Isn't Bad [Excerpted from "An “Enlightened” Race?"]

[TBC: As we have noted in the past, many in what is called the emerging church embrace new age gurus such as Neale Donald Walsch.]

Neale Donald Walsch, in one of his popular Conversations with God books, said God told him the following:

"I do not love 'good' more than I love 'bad.' Hitler went to heaven. When you understand this, you will understand God" (Conversations with God, Book 1, New York, NY: Penguin Putnam, First Hardcover edition, 1996, p. 61.)

"Hitler didn’t hurt anyone. In a sense, he didn’t inflict suffering, he ended it" (Ibid.).

"The mistakes Hitler made did no harm or damage to those whose deaths he caused. Those souls were released from their earthly bondage, like butterflies emerging from a cocoon" (Ibid.).

I find it astounding that even though Walsch made such statements, his Conversations with God books remained on the New York Times Best Seller List for over two years, selling millions of copies. While most people would say that what happened in Germany under Hitler was an atrocity that must never be repeated, the New Age is conditioning people toward the same mindset. Those who refuse to be enlightened or awakened (to the divinity within) stand in the way of the world’s healing and need to be removed. Barbara Marx Hubbard, a prolific New Age author and speaker, calls this the selection process (For more information on Barbara Marx Hubbard’s “selection process,” read Warren B. Smith’s False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care?).

To Westerners, the swastika symbolizes Nazism, but to the Hindu, it is a very familiar symbol of power, still seen today in many Indian temples. In true New Age spirit, the Fuhrer saw himself as a global leader and adopted it. In his madness for world power and domination, Hitler stated:

"I had to encourage 'national' feelings for reasons of expediency; but I was already aware that the 'nation' idea could only have a temporary value. The day will come when even here in Germany what is known as 'nationalism' will practically have ceased to exist. What will take its place in the world will be a universal society of masters and overlords" (Jim Keith, Casebook on Alternative 3 (Lilbum, GA: IllumiNet Press, 1994), p. 151).

Most people don’t think of Hitler as a New Ager or certainly not a Hindu, but his philosophy on the “divinity” of man was right in line with the pantheistic view:

"A new variety of man is beginning to separate out. The old type of man will have but a stunted existence. All creative energy will be concentrated in the new one. . . . I might call the two varieties [of man] the god-man and the mass animal. . . . Man is becoming God—that is the simple fact. Man is God in the making" (Hermann Rauschning, Hitler Speaks (Kessinger Publishing, LLC, 2006), p.p. 241-242).

If virtually an entire country in the 1930s could be deceived and mesmerized by Adolph Hitler, how much more vulnerable is our generation—a generation that has embraced mysticism and New Age philosophy so willingly?