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TBC Staff

Obama Taking U.S. in ‘Descent into Marxism,’ Soviet-Era Newspaper Commentary Says [Excerpts]

A commentary published in the once-official newspaper of the Soviet Union heralded America’s “descent into Marxism” citing the United States’ takeover of General Motors, poor education standards, and the election of Barack Obama as president.

The opinion piece in Pravda…was written by Stanislav Mishin. “It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American descent into Marxism is happening with breath-taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hopeless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people,” wrote Mishin.

“First, the population was dumbed down through a politicized and substandard education system based on pop culture, rather than the classics. Americans know more about their favorite TV dramas than the drama in D.C. that directly affects their lives.”

Secondly, “their faith in God was destroyed, until their churches, all tens of thousands of different ‘branches and denominations’ were for the most part little more than Sunday circuses and their televangelists and top protestant mega-churches were more than happy to sell out their souls and flocks to be on the ‘winning’ side of one pseudo-Marxist politician or another.”


[TBC: The writer goes on to assert that our current leadership is doing everything necessary to ensure our nation’s collapse. To those without Christ, the future certainly is dark. The Lord exhorted believers, however, “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke:21:28).