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Why is David Barton 100% Wrong To Tell Glenn Beck The Third Great Awakening Has Begun? [Excerpts]

Since 2010 we have seen Glenn Beck and proponents of the New Apostolic Reformation together. To mark the five-year anniversary of his 8/28/2010 rally in D.C., for instance, Glenn Beck held an 8/28 rally in Birmingham, Alabama in 2015 called Restoring Unity. This time the event was actually co-sponsored with NAR proponent Jim Lowe. Lowe’s website states that he is the pastor of The Guiding Light Church in Birmingham, but what jumped out at me in his bio was the following:

"On May 6, 2003, James L. Lowe Jr. was ordained as a bishop by the International Communion of Charismatic Churches and Bishop Earl Paulk in the Cathedral at Chapel Hills-Decatur, Georgia." 
The late Paulk was one of the most radical of the Word of Faith/New Apostolic Reformation leaders. [We] warned that it was only a matter of time before Mormons, the Word of Faith, and NAR got together in their joint love of another Jesus, a different gospel, and their radical dominion theology. Paulk promoted the Manifested Sons of God theology, also called Omega Children, Joel’s Army, and Overcoming Bride.
Jewel Grewe...has been researching the Manifested Sons of God theology since the early 1980s. She and her husband, like many within the AOG, became concerned when this heresy began to surface in more and more churches. In 1991, Jewel [reported on] "Joel’s Army," in which she correctly identifies four problems with the Manifested Sons of God heresy:
"The claim to perfection through progressive revelations beyond Scriptures; The written Word of God is held in low esteem and experiential knowledge very high; The Word of God is perceived as a symbolic book; The claim that the 'god-man' dwells in every member and is waiting to be discovered and manifest by the believers."
Paulk, who died in 2009 after being the pastor of a large Pentecostal church in Georgia, held this view on the Manifested Sons of God: "Jesus Christ has now done all He can do, and He waits at the right hand of His Father, until you and I as sons of God, become manifest and make this world His footstool. He is waiting for us to say 'Jesus, we have made the kingdoms of this world the Kingdom of our God, and we are ruling and reigning in Your world. Even so, come Lord Jesus.'"The quest for global dominion and cultural renewal is why NAR proponents are interested in ecumenicalism. Paulk describes his ecumenical strategy this way:
"What would a meeting be like which brought together liberal evangelicals, such as we are, conservative theologians, represented by Holiness groups and Southern Baptists, and Catholics. Seventh-Day Adventists, and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? Many of these groups have become so different that we almost regard them as enemies, rather than as brothers and sisters in the faith. How can we step over these walls that have been built so high?"
This brings us to the August 31st, 2015 headline on Glenn Beck's website that read: "David Barton tells Glenn he thinks the Third Great Awakening has now begun." Glenn on his radio program explained that he [and] David Barton were having a conversation [where] David Barton announced to Glenn that the third great awakening was under way. Here is how Glenn explained this conversation:"I think this is - I think we’re at the beginning. I flew back with David Barton yesterday. And David said, just matter-of-factly, he said, we’re in the awakening. And I said, I leaned up and I said, hold on. What did you just say. And he said, we’re in the awakening. And I said, the third great awakening? And he said, oh, yeah. I truly believe it’s happening now. That’s great that’s great. He’s the one that told me about the great awakening. He’s like, we need the great awakening to happen. And we had people of all different faiths walking together."Glenn continued: "So we had people from all different faiths. One of the leaders from the Southern Baptist Convention was there. Leaders from all different churches were there. Pastors, priests. All marching together."
David Barton could not be more wrong! You cannot have a Biblical revival or Biblical, spiritual awakening when people like Barton and Beck are proclaiming false theology and uniting in unbiblical, spiritual enterprises that God's Word declares will bring the opposite of God's blessing as described in 2 Corinthians:6:14-17. It appears as though Paulk got his wish as we now see so-called evangelicals, Mormons, Catholics, and numerous false religions uniting. Despite what David Barton might think, what took place in Alabama at Mormon Glenn Beck's events are not signs of a Biblical awakening but further evidence that God has given over America as described in Romans 1.
The late Vance Havner warned about proclamations from people like David Barton and Glenn Beck when he warned: "I am more afraid of false revival than of no revival - a false revival with a false gospel, false evangelists, false converts, false joy. It will seem so genuine that it would deceive, if possible, the very elect. Many church leaders will endorse it. Other good people will be afraid to oppose it for fear that they might be fighting against God."