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Sex and the City in the classroom [Excerpts]

In the sacraments of the liberal faith, education usurps the place of baptism and sex takes on the significance of communion. Thus, [OregonStateUniversity] may have created the definitive liberal congregation in the form of WS 399: Sex and the City, which studies the television series of the same name. The class has it all: oodles of talk about sex, man-hating theories (the most distinguished tradition of feminist scholarship), and academic standards so low that an anencephalic gorilla or a football player (presuming any difference between the two) can easily pass. 

When I first arrived at OSU, I thought Women's Studies meant Home Economics.  After being sent to a rather uncomfortable re-education camp, where I was forced to recite innumerable Hail Mary (Wollstonecraft)'s in penance, I concluded that if the Women’s Studies department actually represented women, misogyny would be a prerequisite to rationality. 

This department's forte is classes consisting of left-wing rants and ludicrous facsimiles of legitimate scholarship. Offerings have included WS 414: Systems of Oppression in Women's Lives, WS 230: Women in the Movies, WS 299: Witches, Midwives, and Healers, and my previous favorite, WS 199, which was described thusly, "This course explores the relationships between football and masculinity/femininity and gendered systems of power and privilege. Topics include the social construction of sport, gender and the preeminence of football, women's pro football cheerleading, homosexuality and football." 

OSU hasn't any classes devoted to Virgil or Homer, let alone the languages they wrote in, but they can afford to pay faculty to expound upon the existential significance of the NFL and its relations with homosexuality. Apparently the latter is more important to the development of youthful intellects. 

Consequently, intellectual quality becomes less important than using the classroom for the creation of a tolerant and diverse society. Indeed, our intellectual patrimony has to be banished, for it is a product of the old order that is to be supplanted. 

The liberal view of education consists of idolatry of self. Man, who is intrinsically good, shall heal the world through his increasing enlightenment.  Hence the rise in disciplines focused on the minutia of our lives, for small minds quickly fall from grandiose to trivial self-adulation. Consider the area of expertise of a professor I took a class on world religions from. She studied religion in pop culture; out with Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, or even the Bhagavad-Gita, in with The Matrix and Hellboy.