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TBC Staff

World Capital of Peace in America Inaugurated in Kansas [Excerpt]

On March 28th, a new World Capital of Peace was inaugurated as a national center of coherence and harmony for America during global celebrations in Washington Township, Smith County, Kansas. The 480-acre site is located at the Brahmasthan (geographical center) of America -- approximately 90 miles south of Interstate 80 and 128 miles north of Interstate 70, near the junction of US Hwy 281 and US Hwy 36.

[TBC: The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's followers are choosing to erect their peace capital at this specific site in Kansas because it is the geographical center of the United States and,]

"According to the ancient Vedic science of architecture in harmony with Natural Law, the center point of a building, a city, or an entire nation is a powerful, strategic point characterized by dynamic silence. The Capital of World Peace will take natural advantage of this strategic point to produce the maximum influence of peace and positivity, which will radiate out -- like the rays of the sun -- across the entire country."