Would you like Tom to speak to your group? | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

On two occasions recently, Tom had the privilege of speaking to a fellowship in Miami, Florida, via the internet and SKYPE. This format worked so well that we would like to announce Tom's availability to speak to your fellowship without the expense of airfare, hotels, and meals!

Technically speaking, a church needs to have a computer with a camera and internet connection, a projector, and a large screen (or a blank wall).  If you're interested, we will run a SKYPE test beforehand to confirm compatibility. Once that's squared away, a date can be set and you can announce the meeting.

If this is something that your church may be interested in, you can call Sally at 541-382-6210 (ext. 119) or email: sallyo@thebereancall.org, to arrange a facilities test and to schedule a date.