You are invited to "The Everything Must Change Tour" [Excerpts] |

TBC Staff

You are invited to "The Everything Must Change Tour" [Excerpts]
Eleven Cities in 2008

A weekend with Brian McLaren and friends

The on-site tour experience will include:

• Q & A and dialogue opportunities.

• Book-signing and book-release party for Brian’s newest book, "Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope," available at a special introductory price.

• An interactive experience guided by Linnea Nilsen Capshaw using the Nude Truths Art Exhibit in Digital form to experience the deep shifts needed individually and communally for "Everything to Change Nude Truths."

• New music, liturgical experiences, and other resources that you can take home and use in your faith community, created with Tracy Howe (

• This is a “green event” – we will seek to minimize waste of resources and energy. We encourage you to carpool to the gathering, and choose the location nearest you.

[McLaren has joined forces with individuals such as Linnea NIlsen Capshaw. According to her resume, Capshaw works with Dr. Ron Martoia who "is a transformational architect . . . . His area of expertise is on the new and shifting landscape of church/cultural intersection, where he helps churches consider how they can shift their theological outlook which in turn will shift and adjust their ministry trajectory and cultural interface. . . . Ron is using his cultural intonation to help churches shift paradigms from the old Newtonian world to the Quantum world of the 21st century context.

"In addition to monthly consultations, Ron currently facilitates a new experimental learning community model in Jackson, Michigan called Vortex. Meeting in an arts enclave with over 20 other artists, there are weekly facilitated conversations on everything from string theory and the origins of the universe to the insights of Aristotle on personal development, as well as theological discussions about world religions and global spiritual formation praxis. Vortex hosts immersive learning experiences as well as weekly yoga classes. This experiment hopes to be part of shaping a new learning container for 21st century spiritual and personal formation."

[TBC: The end result of this is that the God of the Bible is set aside in favor of a new age spirituality which has exchanged the truth of God for a lie (Romans:1:25).]