You Can't Advertise With Us: You're Christian |

TBC Staff

You can't advertise with us – you're 'Christian' [Excerpts]

Mere mention of bookstore's name flagged as too 'offensive, sensitive'

A bookstore in Kittanning, Pa., was told its advertisement in a local restaurant's holiday menu was rejected by the ad publisher, simply because the store had the word "Christian" in its name.

Reverend Don Toy, owner of the Christian Book and Gift Store, told the Kittanning Paper that a salesman entered his store and sold him a business-sized, $135 advertisement to run in a special Christmas menu at Garda's Restaurant in nearby Ford City.

But, Toy said, the salesman returned a few hours later and told him, "''We have a problem. I contacted headquarters. Our company has rejected your ad. They told me I have to return your check. We don't take religious advertising. They are exercising the clause in the contract you signed [stating] their right to cancel with you.'"

Specifically, the clause in the contract with Brecht-Pacific Publishing, Incorporated, located in Longview, Wash., states the publisher "reserves the right to refuse, edit or omit any portion of any ad that we think is offensive, sensitive, questionable or otherwise not in good taste."

When Toy asked how his ad violated the clause, the salesman explained it was rejected because of its name.

"It has the word 'Christian' in it," the salesman reportedly said, and it might be considered "offensive" to non-Christians.