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Title Source Post date Author
Eternal Security feature article Jun 1989 Hunt, Dave
Oprah's New Earth religion in the news May 2008 Hunt & McMahon
Psychology In Prophecy feature article Apr 2006 McMahon, T.A.
The Psychospiritual Approach feature article Apr 1994 McMahon, T.A.
Antichrist's Coming World Religion feature article May 1990 Hunt, Dave
Trinity & Baptism feature article Feb 1990 Hunt, Dave
The Current End-Time Apostasy of the Church - Part 1 Dave Hunt Classic Sep 2011 Hunt, Dave
Catholicism—Christian? Or Cultic? feature article Apr 2013 Hunt, Dave
The Temporal Delusion (Part 3) feature article Jan 2011 McMahon, T.A.
Question: In Jeremiah 31:9, Ephraim is called God's "firstborn," but in Joshua 17:1, Manasseh is the firstborn. Romans 8:29 calls Jesus the firstborn. How many "firstborns" of God are there? question and answer Nov 2007 TBC Staff
Question: Someone sent me a copy of a book by Chuck and Nancy Missler... question and answer Nov 2009 TBC Staff
How Can Jesus Baptize With Fire? understanding the scriptures May 2008 Hunt & McMahon
Exactly Who Is The Bride of Christ? contending for the faith Sep 2008 Hunt & McMahon
How Did Old Testament Saints Get Saved? contending for the faith Apr 2006 Hunt & McMahon
The Temporal Delusion (Part 2) feature article Nov 2010 McMahon, T.A.
How Many Kinds Of Baptism Are There? understanding the scriptures Mar 2007 Hunt & McMahon
The Cradle and the Cross feature article Dec 2009 Hunt, Dave
Question: Were Adam and Eve created perfect? If so, how could they sin? If they were created with a will that could choose to sin, how could they have been perfect? question and answer Feb 2002 TBC Staff
What Does "Antichrist" Mean? Search the Scriptures 24/7 Mar 2006 Hunt & McMahon
Will the Mahdi Be the Antichrist? contending for the faith Oct 2007 Hunt & McMahon
Can Words Mean Different Things to Different People? contending for the faith Apr 2006 Hunt & McMahon
What's the Difference Between Hymns & Worship Songs? contending for the faith Sep 2009 Hunt & McMahon
Taste and See (Part 2) feature article Sep 2004 Hunt, Dave
Prewrath Rapture feature article Dec 1990 Hunt, Dave
Who Is The Woman Clothed With The Sun? cover article Dec 2006 Hunt & McMahon
"Paul Disputed..." Acts 17:17, etc. feature article Jun 2008 Hunt, Dave
Question: Paul wrote that “the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets” (1 Cor 14:32). Wouldn’t that mean...a prophet can prophesy at will? [And] substantiate the belief that those who have received this gift can speak in tongues at will? question and answer Jun 1996 TBC Staff
Warning the Witnesses feature article Feb 2012 McMahon, T.A.
The Cradle & the Cross (original) feature article Dec 1992 Hunt, Dave
Is There A Biblical Mysticism? cover article Jan 2008 Hunt & McMahon