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Title Source Post date Author
Justice, Forgiveness, and Transformation feature article Apr 2008 Hunt, Dave
Question: I recently purchased and watched the DVD The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers.... question and answer Mar 2011 TBC Staff
The New Inquisition feature article Jul 2010 Hunt, Dave
The Vanishing Gospel feature article Feb 2004 Hunt, Dave
Why Did Paul Appeal To Caesar? understanding the scriptures Nov 2007 Hunt & McMahon
Why Did Satan Quote Scripture? understanding the scriptures Jul 2008 Hunt & McMahon
Do You Pray the 'Jesus Prayer'? cover article Jan 2008 Hunt & McMahon
God of Jacob, God of Israel (Part 1) feature article Aug 2006 Hunt, Dave
The Value of Suffering feature article May 2010 McMahon, T.A.
Are Seventh-day Adventists Christians? with Dale Ratzlaff (Part 1) Search the Scriptures 24/7 Jan 2017 McMahon, Tom, Ratzlaff, Dale
Revival or Apostasy? feature article Apr 2015 Hunt, Dave, McMahon, T.A.
Question: [TBC's] statement that John Calvin taught that Infant Baptism saves betrays a regrettable ignorance of Calvin’s beliefs....I request you publish this clarification of our Protestant, Reformed position. question and answer Apr 2006 TBC Staff
Is Foreknowledge the Same as Predestination? contending for the faith Feb 2002 Hunt & McMahon
Is There Proof the Devil Exists? cover article Jul 2002 Hunt & McMahon
The Only True God feature article Jan 2008 Hunt, Dave
Statement of Faith Web Content Mar 2014 TBC Staff
Proving Gold Dust TBC Today Apr 2010 TBC Staff
The Messiah & The Cross feature article Oct 2009 Hunt, Dave
Who Wrote The Serenity Prayer? religion in the news Aug 2008 Hunt & McMahon
Review of The Shack tbc extra Aug 2009 DeYoung, James B.
"Good Tidings of Great All People" feature article Aug 2001 Hunt, Dave
What Is the Meaning of John 21:18? understanding the scriptures Oct 2004 Hunt & McMahon
“Spiritualized” Counseling feature article Mar 2014 McMahon, T.A.
Faith Is Strengthened by Challenge feature article May 2008 Hunt, Dave
The New Spiritual Warfare Strategies Part I feature article May 1997 McMahon, T.A.
Does Israel Occupy the Promised Land? cover article Aug 2003 Hunt & McMahon
Seduction: A Primer for Persecution? feature article Jul 2011 McMahon, T.A.
Mormon Fiction feature article Aug 2003 McMahon, T.A.
Islam’s Peace feature article Mar 2003 Hunt, Dave
Question: How can you believe both in God's foreknowledge and that man has the power of choice? question and answer Jun 2011 TBC Staff