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'Obedience to God's Word is vital', says leading campaigner against gay marriage TBC Today Feb 2016 TBC Staff - EN
An Eternal Perspective - Audio Newsletter newsletter Aug 2007 TBC Staff
Can Bad Hermeneutics Lead to Heresy? with Rob Congdon (Part 1) Search the Scriptures 24/7 Apr 2016 McMahon, T.A., Congdon, Rob
Good Reminders TBC Today Feb 2006 TBC Staff
Justice and Justification feature article Feb 2002 Hunt, Dave
Question: I live in Bermuda and read with Occult Invasion (p. 43) about Henry Gross dowsing over a map of Bermuda while in Kennebunkport, Maine, and locating three well sites on the map,...which produce much of Bermuda’s water today. question and answer Dec 2004 TBC Staff
Question: I was appalled to see an article saying that (by implication) horror movies are an acceptable medium to teach Scriptural truth. question and answer Feb 2010 TBC Staff
Question: In your June ’95 issue you mentioned a dying girl named Michelle....You said that [Jesus paid the full penalty for her sins on the cross]…. In fact, Christ did not pay the penalty for her sin, but only for the sins of His people. question and answer Sep 1995 TBC Staff
Science Confronts Meditation Claims TBC Today Dec 2019 TBC Staff
Scientists Unveil Missing Link In Evolution TBC Today May 2009 TBC Staff
TBC Notes: Sign of the Times - Post-truth tbc notes Jan 2017 T.A. McMahon
Wicca teacher claims 1 Mega ticket TBC Today Sep 2007 TBC Staff
‘Fixing Science’ Conference Called ‘Dangerous’ for Discussing Problems With Faculty Research TBC Today Mar 2020 TBC Staff
“Spiritualized” Counseling feature article Mar 2014 McMahon, T.A.
"A Way Which Seemeth Right . . ." - Audio Newsletter newsletter Oct 2005 TBC Staff
"All Things Work Together for Good..." TBC Today Feb 2015 Hunt, Dave
"All Things..." tbc extra Jun 2011 MacDonald, William
"Am I A Fundamentalist?" feature article Aug 1998 Hunt, Dave
"Anti-Racism" Rally in Berlin Calls for Destruction of Israel TBC Today Dec 2018 TBC Staff
"Apostolic" Apostasies Attract tbc extra Mar 2008 Dinsmore, Mark
"Benefits" of Contemplative Prayer TBC Today Jan 2008 TBC Staff
"Biblical" Series Pulled from Schedule TBC Today Jun 2015 TBC Staff - EN
"Can you tell me anything about evoution that is true?" TBC Today Aug 2009 TBC Staff
"Christian Media" Swings Left TBC Today Nov 2010 TBC Staff
"Christian Patriots," Are You Ready to Die? tbc extra Jul 2009 Dinsmore, Mark
"Christian" Psychology Search the Scriptures 24/7 Feb 2018 Dave Hunt/T. A. McMahon
"Christian" Psychology feature article Jan 1989 Hunt, Dave
"Christian" Psychology - Part I feature article Jul 1986 Hunt, Dave
"Christian" Psychology - Part II feature article Sep 1986 Hunt, Dave
"De-Baptism" gains a following in Britain TBC Today Jun 2009 TBC Staff