Apostasy Update # 2 with Carl Kerby and Jay Seegert | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

Welcome to “Apostasy Update,” a program in which our goal is to inform our viewers about those things related to the APOSTASY that are increasing in our day.

Things that attempt to undermine God’s Word…keeping the lost from turning to the Lord for salvation…and destroying the fruitful work of believers through deception and seduction.

I’m T.A. McMahon and today I’m following up on my interview with Jay Seegert and Carl Kerby.
The topic is creation versus evolution…which is what these gentlemen address as well as, if not better, than anyone I’ve heard on the subject.

More about apostasyhttps://www.thebereancall.org/topic/apostasy
Jay Seegert's website: https://www.thestartingpointproject.com
Carl Kerby's website: https://www.rforh.com