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Tozer, A W
Think gently of the erring;

You know not of the power

With which the dark temptation came
In some unguarded hour;

You may not know how earnestly
They struggled, or how well,

Until the hour of weakness came

And sadly thus they fell.
Think gently of the erring;

Oh, do not now forget
However darkly stained by sin,
He is your brother yet;
Heir of the selfsame heritage,
Child of the selfsame God.

He has but stumbled in the path
Which you in weakness trod.
Speak gently to the erring;

You yet may lead them back,

With holy words and tones of love,
From misery’s thorny track;

Forget not you have sometimes sinned,
And sinful yet may be;

Deal gently with the erring, then,

As God has dealt with thee.

J. A. Fletcher, Grace at Work

The above is much needed, especially for those who see clearly the apostasy and the need for correction. Lest the above be misunderstood, however, or become a one-sided emphasis, we present with it the following:

The vague and tenuous hope that God is too kind to punish the ungodly has become a deadly opiate for the consciences of millions.

A. W. Tozer