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TBC Staff

Dear TBC,
Thank you for your valuable work in keeping us informed of the truth and aware of the insidious apostasy of these "last days."...What staggers my comprehension are the continual attacks leveled against you folks in response to your sound Bible teaching. In your Q&A column, there always seems to be someone who is boiling inside with a tenacious attachment to some sort of false doctrine and they teeter on the brink of outright rage. What amazes me is that they appear to be eloquent and well educated...and yet are so blinded by falsehood that they not only fail to see the truth but openly resist it with a ferocity. Thank you for your patient replies to these lost, and your often humble and humbling apologies for having been too brief in your article in question, or for unintentionally having caused misunderstanding. You stand strong on God's Word and it shows, but so do the humility and compassion-a sure sign of saved, God-fearing servants. JG (NH)

We...feel that we need to unsubscribe due to the fact that we no longer have time to sit down and read the articles. Each time we read an article, we feel a very negative overtone. We agree with most of what you share, but feel that we can spend our time better being encouraged by God's Word rather than negative articles....If we feel a desire to research a subject from your point of view, we can always come to your website. M&RR (email)

Dear Brothers,
Here are a few observations about some of the subjects that you deal with: 1) Compromise—in order for compromise to take place, both sides have to make concessions. In the battle with the world, the world never budges on anything! It is only the "Christian" that surrenders his values, one step at a time. The word "compromise" is not even in the Bible. "Conformity" is, and that is exactly what we are doing—conforming to the world, and the Bible clearly forbids it. And when we do conform...we do not impress anyone! The world only changes their view of us from hot hatred to lukewarm contempt. 2) Psychology-In watching others in my family and among my acquaintances, I have found that being under a psychologist's treatment is like walking down a very steep and treacherous mountain trail-backwards. Of all those that I personally know that were treated by a psychologist, none were ever helped and some have been destroyed. 3) The only logical explanation for the pandemic of depression and suicide and the latest threat of school and other mass shootings that was unknown a few years ago is the vapid, hopeless worldview of secularism: "[If] we are the mindless product of evolution with no purpose and no future, there is no reason for our existence." This is preached to our children from day care through graduate school. If you really believe this, why not kill as many as you can and then end your own life since it really doesn't matter? AB (WY)

Dear Friends at Berean Call,
I just wanted to...tell you how much I appreciate your ministry and the clarity you have when it comes to the "true truth" of the gospel. In this day of moral relativism and the confusion that is rampant all over the landscape, your ministry is a beacon of light. I appreciate your biblical soundness and it is no coincidence that you drink heavily from classic Christians out of the past like Spurgeon, Andrew Murray, Tozer, and others who were totally sold out to Jesus. DC (prisoner, MO)

Dear Brethren,
I have been receiving [your newsletters] for quite awhile now [and] have found them to be biblically sound. I understand that you get a lot of negative feedback for what you write, but...some folks just do not want to admit that they are not standing on biblically solid ground. When I had just completed four years in the Navy and was drinking with my friends many years ago, I thought to myself, "If I die tonight, because I was baptized in a certain church as a baby, I am going to heaven? Somehow that doesn't sound right. I better find out why I believe what I believe." As a Christian of almost 35 years and a student of God's Word, I can now honestly answer that question and I know what I believe because it is written in God's Word. Everything else to me is not important, no matter how religious it sounds. JH (WA)

Dear Dave, T.A., and Crew,
My mom and I were able to attend the Bible vs. the Quran debate that was held in Whitby. Very well spoken. However, there is one thing that Muslims can never say with conviction [regarding] Allah. At Creation, God created man to have a personal relationship with Him and to have that intimacy....That is the fact that stands out above all that the Muslim spoke on. You have to know Christ and God the Father to know how He works and to have His Spirit living within you....There is so much in the church today that Christians...accept as truth without first investigating it. (email, Canada)