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Dear TBC,
I have grown in my understanding and confidence in God's Word through Dave and Tom's many radio discussions as well as all the CDs, books, etc....When I was a brand new Christian, the Seduction of Christianity was also brand new, hot off the press. I read that book and will be forever grateful for the "heads up" on the many false ways that I would see coming. That book has saved me much time in wondering about, and checking out, these false teachings as they pop up. Twenty-five years later, here we are. It is disheartening that so many Christians are just not interested in knowing what's up about apostate teachings. It gets very lonely. Thank you, Dave and Tom (my mentors), for all the years of persevering for the Truth. BC (CA)

Dave Hunt,
Why don't you guys just retire and at least let some younger people in to deal with issues that are relevant. Psychology? Really? I remember when I was young, people like yourselves complaining and stating the same arguments. It is the pastors that have stopped preaching doctrine. And the doctrine they do concentrate on is a false Gospel found in dispensational theology. How about talking about the injustice that Israel is doing to the Palestinians? TR (email)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
I have written [to you previously] from Romania to congratulate [you] for your blessed hard work. I am writing you now because I want to thank you for the serious and profound ideas about Dawkins and Harris. When I have read about their ideas, I could not understand their "aggressive" hate towards God and Jesus. But your articles helped me very much. I think this kind of people make a real confusion between Creator and creation and venerate the second maybe because of the vanity they feel as creatures. PD (Romania)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
I am contacting you in reference to your series "The Temporal Delusion." I found the articles to be full of God's truth according to Scripture....Many professing believers are caught up in [thinking that] what the world and the popular preachers say is correct without checking God's Holy Word. They run after the fast solution and think the world will be put right by "man." We who study Scripture know that only "God's plan" for peace will work, not man's plans!...Anyway, great article! And thank you for defending the Truth in love.... FC (AZ, prisoner)

Greetings Berean Call Staff,
The Berean Call newsletter is the one thing I can't wait to get at the start of a new month....The newsletter is God's answer to my prayer: "Lord, I want to know You," which I prayed when I got saved in 1996. I had absolutely no one (to this day) that I could turn to, to help me know God. I had NEVER read the Bible but had heard of the biblical stories of Jesus....In answer to my cry, God led me to the only Dave Hunt book (A Woman Rides the Beast) in a [Christian] bookstore. On the inside front cover it stated: "To receive the author's free monthly newsletter...." I wrote and asked to receive it, and that was the beginning of a consistent study of the Word of God. TS (IL)

Dear Readers,
We want you to know that Dave and Ruth's daughter Janna was called Home by her loving Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, on Thursday, March 10, 2011, after a long battle with cancer.

Dave and Ruth thank you all for the many prayers that have been offered and believe that they have been answered according to His perfect love.

Please continue to pray for the two teenagers, David, 17, and Victoria, 15. They will greatly miss their mother, as will Gary, her husband.