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TBC Notes - Meeting Dave

McMahon, T.A.

A short time ago, a local man who was perusing TBC's lending library held the door open for Dave and me as we walked to my car. He so wanted to greet Dave, but he held back as he watched him guide his walker with the utmost care. He told me later that he had never met Dave, although he felt he knew him personally from his writings. Here is his reflection on that encounter.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director

Meeting Dave

Slowly, oh so slowly, he came shuffling toward the door,
Aided by his colleagues-maybe three or four.

Push then lean, push then lean, a "walker" aided him.
Strength and power have ebbed away from the big man's limbs.

I knew him from his writings. I knew a man of God.
I knew, like Jeremiah's, Dave's warnings went abroad.

He knows well God's Holy Word, and thus he also knew
The false, the enticing lies that Satan loves to brew.

Wide the gate and broad the path that leads to sure destruction.
Dave gives his life to show the truth for our clear instruction.

By definition, wide is the gate of ecumenical world movement.
They set the cross of Christ aside. In this they claim improvement.

Psychology, positive thought, replaces God's own Word,
'Though worldly substitutes for Christ are nothing but absurd.

So Dave has spent his working life to warn us of such things;
To help us see and to avoid the Devil's deadly slings.

God only knows what good has come from Dave's devoted mind.
With those he's touched I'm sure the streets of Heaven will be lined.

All glory goes to Jesus! With angels, we'll praise God.
With Dave and Tom, we'll clap and sing and smile and nod.

Yes, I know him from his photo, as he labors for the door,
Watching every contact of the walker with the floor.

I'd like to meet him, shake his hand. Instead what did I do?
I thought it best to hold the door, to ease his passing through.

I'll shake his hand in Heaven. We'll rejoice before the throne.
On that day we'll all be joined and none will be alone.

By the blood of Jesus, this great man and I are brothers,
And we'll sing the glory of the Cross with all the many others.

—Wesley Bailor