Question: I love you very much...but feel an unbalanced prejudice against Catholics after reading much of your literature….Am I wrong? |

TBC Staff

Question: I love you very much...but feel an unbalanced prejudice against Catholics after reading much of your literature. I know that Roman Catholicism is a lie from the pit...but I don’t find focusing on their error. If you can, show me several places in the Word where false doctrine is explained...such as how to worship Molech...astrology, necromancy, etc. It seems to me that the Bible addresses these lies without going into great detail of the actual practices. Am I wrong?

Answer: How could I possibly have an “unbalanced prejudice” against what you admit is “a lie from the pit”?! I don’t provide historical details of the horrible practices and dogmas of Catholicism out of prejudice but out of deep concern for souls. Yes, there have been and still are many kind and compassionate and self- sacrificing priests and nuns. Yes, the Roman Catholic Church was the major charitable institution during the Middle Ages and was often a force for good. But at the same time it destroyed souls! Even its best influences (like Mother Teresa today) led and still lead souls astray for eternity. I am therefore compelled to expose Catholicism’s counterfeit gospel. It is quite acceptable for ministries to devote themselves entirely to exposing Mormonism (8 million members) or the Jehovah’ s Witnesses (5 million members), but to expose Rome, which has 1 billion souls in its grip, is somehow not in good taste! Ask yourself why! Unless the subtle lie is thoroughly explained it continues to deceive.

I understand your objection to giving too much detail concerning evil. I think my writing and speaking is balanced in that regard. You ask for biblical support. The Bible gives much detail concerning Satan’s fall (Is 14:12-15; Ez 28:12-19) and the details of his temptation of Eve (Gn 3:1- 7) and his attempt to destroy Job (Jb 1:1- 2:7). There are too many accounts of idolatry and pagan practices for me to begin to list the verses, as well as warnings against them (Lv 19:31; 20:1-6; Dt 18:9-14; Is 47:8-13). The Bible goes into great detail concerning the apostasy of Israel, telling the sins of its kings and people, from the golden calf (Ex 32:1-28) to the Queen of Heaven (Jer:44:15-23); and again there are too many references to begin to list them. False doctrine is explained thoroughly and repeatedly. Almost the entire book of Galatians is devoted to describing and combating one particular false gospel.

If we are to “earnestly contend for the faith” (Jude 3), it can only be done by pointing out what is wrong with the counterfeit. Christ himself did so, explaining in detail the evil practices and false teachings of the rabbis (Mt 15:1-20; 23:5-33, etc.). In comparison to Stephen’s indictment of the Jews (Acts:7:39-43,51-53). I don’t think I overdo pointing out what is wrong in order for the truth to be understood more clearly in comparison.