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Berean Call (for your Letters page),
Attn: Readers of TBC. I’ve been in prison for thirty-two years. I’ve received TBC for most of those years because of donations. Please donate so those of us who cannot afford to subscribe can continue to receive this very good publication. If you could see how many prisoners are becoming Muslims you would understand that the truth must keep getting into prisons! God bless you all. PB (MI, prisoner)

Dear TBC,
Good message about the Holy Spirit (06/15), which was Jesus’ gift to His followers. The Holy Spirit doesn’t call attention to Himself but points to Jesus. Since Jesus said the Holy Spirit was necessary, who…is any pastor to minimize His role in our spiritual lives? I would ask when did this role get diminished or become unnecessary? RD (email)

Dear Friends in Jesus Christ,
I appreciate all of your work [but] I was particularly thankful for your commentary on the recent series, AD: The Bible Continues, which has been broadcast on national television. I was surprised and a little disappointed that David Jeremiah endorsed such a production. RO (NY)

I so appreciated Brother Hunt’s commentary on “Christian Activism.” His insights were on the mark. I just want to share that I believe the false idea that America is a Christian nation has been influential in creating an attitude of permissiveness for political and social activism as the “Christian” thing to do. Christian talk radio programs on the whole encourage their listeners to be activists….Brother Hunt’s article was a breath of fresh air for me…. DS (email)

Dear Berean Call,
Thank you for your ministry through the years. I discovered Dave Hunt’s messages on YouTube and quickly sent for more information. The Wide Is the Gate series [produced by Caryl Matrisciana] has been so eye opening. We have bought several copies to pass out. Thank you for your diligence in sharing the messages you give.

It seems that so many of the young people we know are sucked right into unbiblical teachings. The Bible is not taught anymore in many churches. KG (CA)

Dear TBC,
Thank you! The ministry has meant so much to my family and me over the past fifteen years or so. The Lord has used you to edify us in so many ways. It was An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith that helped wake me out of my stagnant spiritual growth and self-centered slumber about ten years ago. We are so burdened and troubled over the ever-growing trend of apostasy and biblical compromise around us. We have been asked to leave or have had to leave three local fellowships over the past seven years. Whether it’s gross sexual sin within its leadership, seeker-friendly compromise, yoga, Calvinism, or false prophecies being proclaimed from the pulpit, we cannot find a legitimate local Christian assembly for fellowship. We sway back and forth between loneliness and discouragement to joyful anticipation of the soon return of Christ. TBC has been our main source (other than the Word of God) of encouragement and spiritual sanity over the years. Thank you for all you do in the Lord. Please keep running that race. If you folks were local, I’d drive down to your office and give you all a hug. MB (OH)