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TBC Staff

Dear TBC,

Your ministry has been a real blessing to us. Sometime we use some of your literature to stimulate a Bible study here at home. I was in prison when I was led by the Spirit of God to read and study a little book by brother Dave Hunt. That was in 1997, and God has blessed me with a wonderful wife of 16 years and a strong ministry. We love you, Berean Call, because you stand for truth.We support you and pray for your ministry. LJ (TX)

Dear Tom and TBC friends,

Thank you so much for your monthly newsletter, which I received many years by post and now via iPad. I have also appreciated being able to download the 2015 Conference sessions through the Berean Call app. What a blessing! Each speaker is informing and inspiring.

Thank you so much for all the teaching and for always keeping the focus on Jesus, our Lord and Savior. PS (UK)

Dear TBC,

Another gentleman gave me a copy of your newsletter, and I’ve been into my Bible more than ever. Shortly after this, the facility chaplain preached a sermon on the “inclusiveness of all world religions” and the “many pathways to God.” He used statements such as “we all serve the same God,” and “who are we to judge another person’s lifestyle?” I have since stopped attending after coming to verbal and spiritual odds with this teaching type. May I add, this philosophy is prevalent in many prison’s “Christian Protestant service.”

Also, I thank God for an organization such as yours that will speak out about the falsehoods in the land—and from a biblical perspective. IT (prisoner, NY)

Dear Tom,

I’ve been a born-again Christian since 1980 and was brought up a Roman Catholic like you. I think you have a wonderful ministry, but I’ve been reluctant to contribute because I disagree strongly concerning the timing of the Rapture and your take on the status of Israel. I AM A BEREAN!...I pray you have an open mind and the courage to be a true Berean in exploring issues of the utmost importance. JB (NE)

Dear TA,

Your recent newsletter about “Damage Control” confirms how we are very close to the Lord’s return. I get frustrated in the matter of psychological scrutiny, etc.

This psychology thing appears to rule over many Christians who seem to follow and fall under the control of this nonsense. Poor King David must have been at a loss when he felt depressed that there was no “human method” that he should consult for relief. He trusted in the Lord and poured out his heart to the one who loved and comforted him. MT (NY)