August TBC Notes |

McMahon, T.A.

TBC Notes

Love of the Truth

I recently had the tremendous blessing of being with a number of people who have a great love of the truth. Most are involved with discernment ministries and they have a zeal for informing their brothers and sisters in Christ regarding information about things adversely influencing the church. It was a real privilege to spend time with them.

They are on my heart because I know their calling is difficult. I listened to their struggles but also recognized the joy of the Lord that they received in serving Him and His bride. The unpopularity of what they do will never make them rich…except spiritually. This aspect has eternal value that can neither be calculated nor compared to temporal earthly wealth.

Some of them are known by readers of TBC, and others our readers will get to know through our ministry’s future involvement with them. I will mention a few of them here because we covet your prayers for their special needs: Caryl Matrisciana is currently undergoing further treatment for cancer. We praise the Lord that she has already lived beyond the prognosis that her doctors had originally given her. Warren Smith and his wife, Joy, recently experienced a devastating house fire, which also took the lives of some of their pets. Larry DeBruyn is undergoing cancer therapy that is complicated by heart issues.

Our cry to the Lord is that He will keep them all in our ranks as His effective soldiers, fighting the good fight of His truth.

T. A. McMahon

Executive Director