The Bible Poem |

TBC Staff

The Bible Poem

by George Rigby 

The Bible's Books are Sixty Six 

The Spirit - their recorder; 

Their stories - how they can transfix 

So here they are - in order. 

In GENESIS I will begin 

With Adam, and with Eve 

Who knew not any form of sin 

'Til Satan did deceive. 

Now EXODUS will tell us most 

Of Moses - Man of God, 

And how he led all Israel's host 

When many miles they trod. 

To LEVITICUS you have to turn 

And read about the law; 

The sacrifices which did burn 

Unblemished - without flaw. 

The next one tells of sin and shame 

And how it all encumbers. 

This book is good - here is its name 


Now JOSHUA was told to do 

By vision - and by sound 

To there and then remove his shoe 

From off the Holy Ground.

JUDGES tells us - all forlorn 

Of Samson and Delilah, 

And how his lovely locks were shorn 

His sight gone - nothing viler. 

Then next, there comes a parting scene 

The story - we all know as 

The understanding love between 

Naomi - RUTH - and Boaz. 

First and second SAMUEL ,

First and second KINGS :

They are a first class manual 

And full of wondrous things. 

First and second CHRONICLES now 

Speak of one good Sire 

Who gave his gold, and cedar bough 

Hiram - King of Tyre

In EZRA Six - and verse nineteen 

A feast has been restored 

The Israelites - it will be seen 

Had God, their Lord, ignored. 

Their story you will all recall 

Concerning - NEHEMIAH 

Who started on Jerusalem's wall 

And built it - Higher and Higher. 

In ESTHER there's a warning 

And loudly - it is rung 

For Haman was, one morning 

On his own gallows - hung. 

Faith is something hoped for 

The evidence - not yet seen; 

JOB had faith, with patience 

And few - like him - there's been. 

David wrote the book of PSALMS 

And one day in his path 

He slew a man, of brawny arms 

Goliath - the giant of Gath

King Solomon was very wise 

The PROVERBS he did write. 

To fame, and power, he did arise 

Please read this book - tonight. 

ECCLESIASTES , Five-verse one 

Is very plainly put 

So when you to God's house have gone 

Remember - keep thy foot. 

SONG OF SOLOMON , speaks of Love 

So turn to it, and search 

The story speaks of one above 

Who is waiting for the Church. 

The Prophets' Books, are next in turn 

And one is called ISAIAH 

The "Spirit" helps us to discern 

And the next is - JEREMIAH .

Sorrow and love, are indications 

Chastening - the theme 

A wondrous book is LAMENTATIONS 

Jehovah's ways are seen. 

EZEKIEL was in Babylon

All Judah, was therein 

To that strange land, they all had gone: 

God's punishment, for their sin. 

The children's story, I will pen 

And grown-ups too, will gape 

It tells of DANIEL , in the Den 

And how he did escape. 

Turn over now, and have no fear 

A sad tale, you will find 

The writer, is by name HOSEA 

He pours to you, his mind. 

Of insects, does this story speak 

In JOEL chapter one 

The land with palmerworms doth reek 

But do keep reading on. 


Is reading at its best 

Your heart may throb, you will retire 

Abundantly well blessed. 

There's JONAH next, who would not preach 

And so he did set sail. 

He never thought, the shore he'd reach 

Inside a great big whale. 

Jerusalem, The AncientCity

Samaria, as well. 

God does render them no pity 

MICAH does this story tell. 

And then comes NAHUM who does quote 

Of God, who does not fail 

The wicked city, which he smote 

By sword by fire and gate. 

I will rejoice, yes, in the Lord 

And this verse, you will see. 

The text itself, I will applaud 

Read HABBAKUK , chapter three. 



Not forgetting - MALACHI -

Will thrill you, through and through.  


All speak, with one accord 

Of Jesus - who is God's dear Son 

Our Saviour - Master - Lord.  

ACTS and ROMANS will recall 

Of one who was converted; 

You will be told - of one named Saul 

Whose journey was diverted. 


Give us Paul's advice. 

He states Christ's love is ever new 

But he also deals with vice. 

The next four books are to the Church 

All written by one hand. 

They warn the people, not to lurch 

For Apostasy was in the land. 

The THESSALONIANS now we reach 

And here we have an inkling: 

"Be Ready" as the books do teach 

When Christ comes - in a twinkling. 

The books of TIMOTHY which are two 

Are followed on by TITUS 

They point us to the paths anew 

Where nothing will affright us. 

"Onesimus" - who once did steal 

When tempted by the Demon 

He brought a letter, with the seal 

Of Paul - to one PHILEMON .

HEBREWS is a wondrous tale 

Of Prophets, old and true 

"By Faith" their works, they did avail 

Christ gives that Faith - to you. 

A Guiding book comes to us now 

And read - you really must 

It is the Christian path - I vow 

The author - JAMES the Just. 

PETER first -- and PETER second 

Tells us of Declensions 

And our attention too, is beckoned 

To matters, which he mentions. 

First - Second and Third JOHN 

And next to them comes JUDE 

They tell of one - God's dear Son 

Who gives our Spiritual Food. 

Then as this story, comes to end 

We read of Devastation 

For God - His wrath, will surely send 

You must read REVELATION .