Church Planting |

TBC Staff

Comments from a missionary working in a post-modern, secular nation:

Church planting in Great Britain is a lot like trying to grow wheat in fields of granite. Post-modernism, secularism, ecumenical apostasy and apathy seem to be the norm here in the U.K. Even so, we will continue to obey Jesus' commands regardless of small results. Church planting here takes lots of time, lots of patience, and tons of love. 

Numbers are very small but the Lord is bringing more people into our path as time goes on. We live each day as it comes and we are blessed with each opportunity that God sets before us. We believe that God will add to His church as He sees fit. We simply try to keep things simple, practical, and Biblical and be as faithful as possible. 

People ask us, "Why stay if people are not interested?" We answer, “We stay because Jesus Christ has called us, commissioned us, and sent us here.” God is faithfully opening more doors as time goes on and we believe that we are here to "strengthen that which remains"and to reap where the harvest is ripe. Dying congregations continue to lose their ministers and people have very few choices as to Bible teaching fellowships. For the most part, Bible believing Ministers and Bible teachers are hard to come by. We choose to stay because God's people need His Word and those still in darkness need the Light of Life - Jesus Christ (