Community Church Hosts Interfaith Services |

TBC Staff

INDIAN HILL, OHIO - In an effort to understand and discuss the world's major religions, HorizonCommunityChurch is providing a panel discussion with area guest speakers for five Sundays beginning July 10 and ending Aug. 14.

The idea came from teaching pastor Chad Hovan, who sets the church's program schedule. He had been aware of a similar program at Chicago's WillowCreekChurch and he brought the idea to Horizon.

"I think the interest was there partially because of world events," says John Kirby, director of operations and communications for the church. "We wanted our emphasis to be on tolerance--to have a clearer understanding of Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity and what their members believe."

Adds Hovan, "Our goal was to make this a safe place for people to compare and explore the world's major religions. It is not an inherently Christian service. We want each faith to be given a fair, neutral chance to present their views, and hopefully in the end we'll understand each other better."

The first Sunday's gathering drew a capacity crowd which came to hear about the beliefs of Islam.

"Those who came discovered a lot more similarities than differences," Kirby said.

[TBC: Professing evangelicals who lovingly embrace false religions of the world in this manner are committing spiritual adultery and are willing accomplices in the delusion and apostasy of the last days prior to the rapture of Christ’s true Bride, and the subsequent revelation of Anti- ("in-the-place-of") christ and his false "christian" church.]