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TBC Staff

Thanks for your letter. In these days you and your staff are a necessary voice for the gospel. Your Berean Call articles are better than going to college. I have several years' worth and I can talk to anyone with the information therein. If the trumpet blows before you get this note, I'll tell you in person. WS (FL)

Dear Dave Hunt,
Interested in what you might be writing about yoga, I purchased and read Yoga and the Body of Christ. It was quite a shock to find that your case study examines the yoga cult I was in for 15 years--SYDA Yoga. I lived with and traveled the world with Muktananda....After he died it took me several years to fully escape, after which time I studied and documented cults, occasionally helping teams of de-programmers exit-counsel young people out of groups like scientology, the moonies, hare krishna and such. Praise God, the Lord Jesus made me His own since my first Bible study, five years ago. MA (email)

Dear Brethren at TBC,
About six...years ago I "met" you on the internet. Your teachings made a deep impression in me....I've been on your mailing list for several years, and I know that the Lord's laborers are worthy and need to be supported. Please forgive me for not encouraging you before and letting you know that I treasure every newsletter you mail me. HR (Chile)

Dear Dave,
Over the years I have benefited from your ministry, and I am grateful for that. However, as I have grown in my understanding of the truth, it has become painful to read your monthly publications. I am convinced that if you put the same willingness and objectivity, and used the same tools you employed to come to the conclusions you did about the fallacy of Calvinism, you would also come to see the errors of traditional Christianity....I can only hope and pray that you will be a part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. RS (CA)

Dear Dave,
I wanted to write...and thank you...for all your hard work in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Berean Call was sent to me here in prison at the request of a friend....The articles have opened my eyes to many false teachings out in the churches. I wanted to...also mention that many who claim to be a part of the body of Christ are not even hungry for...God's Word. Church has become a "thing" to do to feel good! The service here...has become nothing more than singing a couple of songs and then a false doctrine of things such as "You can lose your salvation," etc. The sad part is many are believing it!! They don't even take the time to check what God's Word has to say about it! The love of Christ has grown cold in the body!...Many "know" about Jesus but don't live like He lived!! How sad! FC (prisoner, AZ)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
In recent days, I have come in contact with several different false gospels and those who are being ensnared by them, and praise the Lord, several of those precious children of God have been prevented from following a destructive course because of materials gleaned from your and Mr. McMahon's ministry. Berean Call is so valuable to me to have a solid, biblical backup. I am a 71-year-old widow and by myself people are not inclined to listen. Thank you and God IS blessing you!! DB (email)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
I am a 24-year-old college student. Lately I have been hearing a lot about the emerging church. Doing some research on my own I have grown very concerned about its teaching. I am...reading your book The Seduction of Christianity....Your book has brought a lot to my attention about the New Age movement and how it is infiltrating our churches. The sad thing is...this movement is hitting my generation so hard and many older people have little idea or little concern. BB (email)

Dear Dave,
As a former Roman Catholic, I not only applaud you but sincerely thank you for your undaunted work in speaking truth into erroneous situations. Your DVD A Woman Rides the Beast inspired me to get your book by the same name. I have worn out several markers in underlining and highlighting the highly detailed and relevant information. I am greatly saddened by the countless millions who have been "hoodwinked" by the RCC. EJ (email)

Hi Dave,
Today I was somewhat discouraged...and was grieved over the wickedness of some people. I prayed for the situations that grieved me, but the oppression still seemed to be there. I went into the Psalms (80-100) where it is often spoken of surrounding enemies and the Lord's protection. This helped, then, I...went onto...your [web]site where I read "Toward the Prize" [Oct '07]. It greatly encouraged me to see that there are other people like me in the world who really want the Lord. [The oppression] lifted as I read your article. Thank you for your encouragement. TO (email)

Dear Dave,
I just wanted to tell you that your book Judgment Day is a masterpiece!...May YHWH bless you, Dave, for the great work you are doing for Him. I look forward to the next one. Maranatha! TB (email)