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Rutherford, Samuel

The peace which our Lord wants us to enjoy is that which He Himself enjoyed: the same restfulness in danger, the same equanimity in troublous circumstances...freedom from anxiety....We share his unruffled serenity...and we shall rejoice to find "God's greatness flowing round our incompleteness; round our restlessness, His rest."

Amid the gathering tempest that filled my soul with dread,
He drew me to His bosom and gave His peace instead.
And thus in loving-kindness, He unto me hath shown,
My need to day, and ever, is just Himself alone!

Avis B. Christiansen (1895-1985), author of many hymns such as Blessed Redeemer, It Is Glory Just to Walk with Him, Jesus Has Lifted Me, Love Found a Way, Victory in Jesus

My King Jesus...hath broken upon the poor prisoner's soul like the swelling of Jordan...a great high spring-tide of the consolations of Christ have overflowed me....I care not for fire nor torture. They have sent me here to feast with my King....The Bridegroom's love hath run away with my heart. O love, love, love! O sweet are my royal King's chains!

Samuel Rutherford, letter from prison, Aberdeen, 22 November 1637