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TBC Staff

Dear Dave and Berean Call Staff,
Thank you for the copy of Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny. We will look forward to reading it. Your work continues to be of great value. Even yesterday, I got a call from a young believer with a question about Jehovah Witnesses. [We were] glad to be able to refer her to the material you have made available.

[Our friends] were very encouraged by the conference there in July. They brought home a fresh reminder to pray for you all...Dave's health, the ongoing work of Berean Call, etc.

We have been looking at a Psalm each week for Bible Study. I was struck by Psalm:9:1: "I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of ALL Your marvelous works." The question I was considering was, how often do I take the time to tell others or even consider ALL of God's marvelous works in my life? What is my current, personal testimony of God's marvelous works? [Psalm] 8 talks about God creating the heavens, moon, stars, animals--so yes, praise Him for those marvelous works—but what about the things in my every day life? His answers to prayers both big and small? [I] don't want to be negligent to consider God's personal involvement in my life.

Certainly, the relatedness we have with one another is one of those marvelous works! How different our life would be without our brothers and sisters. J&JE (CA)

Dear TBC,
I love your publication! Thank you for generously providing me with a copy each month. I find the writing to be prolific, accurate, and sensible. The articles are concise, yet articulate and riveting! What a blessing this has been. I use your publication sometimes as I do my Bible: I highlight, mark in the margins, bend the ears, and even cut out sections to share. I appreciate that you've been sending this to me free, but I want to make a nominal contribution....Again, thank you, God bless your ministry and keep up the great work. RJ (AZ, prisoner)

Dear Brother Dave and Staff,
Thanksgiving fills our hearts again in re-readingHow Close Are We?, one of twelve books from your pen that adorns our shelves. The clear and refreshing look at the Rapture and the Second Coming held the logical answers we needed from Scripture. We are thankful for the ministry of TBC and its diligent exposure of the occult, Catholicism, New Age, psychology, yoga, Calvinism, evolution, Islam, and many other counterfeits of our enemy. Thank you for your consistent and faithful dissemination of the Truth! LT (FL)

Remove my name from your mailing list of The Berean Call. I am sick and tired of reading your criticism of Billy Graham and other Godly leaders....You seem to think you are...holier than thou....You should be ashamed of yourselves! Remember God loves the humble and rejects the proud. Look in your Bible [at] what Jesus said to the Pharisees when they thought so much of themselves. RD (IA)

To Dave Hunt and all involved in the Berean Call,
Again I would like to thank you and your ministry for the great teaching you provide, along with your unswerving stand on the place of Israel in the plan and purposes of God. With Replacement Theology being taught just about everywhere, along with the "new Christianity" in its many forms that now has a stranglehold on the churches, it is so encouraging to see those who are using God's Word accurately. My church has continued the downhill slide in our "Bible studies." We have used books by people like Philip Yancey, Brendan Manning, Rick Warren, etc., and now [we] are using Tim Keller's books with their heavy Calvin, Luther emphasis as a model for where our church is going. My suggestion to study the Bible was met with some hostility! How sad to have to get sound Bible teaching from the internet and not from your church. I thank God that the internet has a positive side for the seemingly growing number of people in my situation. May God continue to bless your ministry. AB (email)

Dave and Tom,
I am writing in a curious position. I'd been a missionary for many years in the Balkans until we came home and were asked to pastor [locally]. After disciplining a Sunday school teacher and church member who denied Christ's Deity, I was put to task, and preached the next few weeks on Truth vs. Error. This led to Catholicism being confronted and many other heresies surfaced in the church (even in the leadership--universalism and annihilationism). The result: rejection and a wish we'd never returned to America. Brothers, please know that your ministry is needed now more than ever. Have courage and God bless you in the strength of Christ. JH (email)

A couple of months ago you wrote about an article that had recently appeared in Christianity Today magazine, and suggested that your readers write to Billy Graham concerning the bad doctrine in this article. Knowing that Billy Graham is in his 90s, I wrote to his son, Franklin, and shared my concerns. I just wanted you to know that I did get a personal reply, in which Franklin said that he has had concerns for many years about many articles in the magazine. He said that even though his father had founded the magazine nearly 50 years ago, he has nothing to do with it today, and "it certainly has strayed from what he had wanted it to be." Just thought you might like to know. Thanks for your watchfulness. MM (email)